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Infant Feeding - Six to Nine Months

Part 1:  Starting Solids

Signs That Your Baby Is Ready for More Than Just Breast Milk or Formula

A baby being fed carrots with a spoon
  • Holds his head up and has good head control
  • Sits with help or a little support
  • Opens his mouth when seeing a spoon
  • Takes food from a spoon and moves it into his mouth, instead of spitting it out
  • Begins to chew
  • Uses his whole hand to grasp and hold on to things
  • Uses a cup with help

Continue to breastfeed or give baby iron-fortified formula.  It is still your baby’s main food.  Feed your baby it until he turns one.  If you are breastfeeding, you can continue as long as you and your baby want after the first birthday.

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Adapted with permission from the Texas WIC Program.

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