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School-Based Fluoride Mouthrinse Program

A school-based fluoride mouthrinse program is available for qualifying Alabama schools that are not served by fluoridated public water systems or that are on water supplies with natural fluoride. The program is available for grades 1 6 and must be supervised by school personnel or an adult volunteer appointed by the school system. Participating students rinse for 60 seconds each week of the school year using a 0.2% sodium fluoride solution. Studies indicate up to a 40% reduction in new dental decay through fluoride mouthrinse programs, and there are no known risks associated, even if a child should accidentally swallow the solution. Parental consent is required for students to participate.

All fluoride mouthrinse program materials and supplies are provided free through the Oral Health Program and all children who participate receive a free toothbrush and toothpaste. For more information, please contact Sherry Goode at (334) 206-2904.






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