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The goal of the Immunization Division is to stop the spread of diseases that are vaccine preventable by providing vaccine to the citizens of Alabama, educating the medical personnel and the public on the importance of vaccinations, and ensuring that children who are in day care, Head Start, and school are adequately immunized against diseases that are harmful and sometimes deadly.

Immunization Questions

If you have a VFC or vaccine question, please call 1-866-674-4807 or email the Immunization Division.

To report a 4-hour vaccine-preventable disease (VPD), call 1-800-469-4599.  To report 24-hour VPD, call 1-800-469-4599 or complete REPORT Card.  To fax VPD investigation information, fax to 334-206-3734.

If you need your immunization record or Certificate of Immunization for childcare centers, schools, college, or employment, contact your last immunization provider or ask your current provider to determine if your information is in ImmPRINT (Alabama's Immunization Registry).

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