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Alabama Healthcare Data Advisory Council

The Mike Denton Infection Reporting Act provided for the creation of an 18 member Healthcare Data Advisory Council.

The Healthcare Data Advisory Council:

  • assists the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Program in developing regulations and standards necessary to implement the provisions of this act.
  • reviews and serves as consultants on matters related to any reports or publications made by the ADPH HAI Program prior to release.
  • serves as consultants to the ADPH HAI Program on matters relating to the protection, collection, and dissemination of healthcare-associated infection data.


  • Donald E. Williamson, M.D., State Health Officer – Chair

Six appointees by the Alabama Hospital Association, and two are required to be infection control professionals:

  • Keith Granger, President/CEO, Trinity Medical Center
  • Beth Anderson, Administrator, USA Medical Center
  • Laura Bell, Director of Clinical Effectiveness, East Alabama Medical Center
  • Linda Jordan, Administrator, Clay County Hospital
  • Beth Goodall, Epidemiology Director, DCH Regional Medical Center
  • Patty Miller, Manager of Infection Control and Prevention, Baptist Medical Center South

Three appointees by the Medical Association of the State of Alabama:

  • Claude Kinzer, M.D.
  • Julie Booth, M.D.
  • Randall Weaver, M.D. 

Two appointees by the Business Council of Alabama:

  • Rick Finch, Drummond Co., Inc.
  • Foster Ware, Alabama Power Co.

One appointee by the Mineral District Medical Society:

  • William McCollum, M.D.

One consumer member appointee by the Governor:

  • Stacey Hollis

One appointee by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama:

  • Susan Warren, Health Information Technology

One appointee by the Alabama Association of Health Plans:

  • Michael O’Malley, Executive Director

One appointee by the State Health Officer from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology:

  • Alan M Stamm, M.D.

One appointee by the Public Education Employees Health Insurance Plan:

  • Donna Joyner, Assistant Director

One appointee by the State Employees Insurance Board:

  • Debbie Taylor, Clinical Director

Advisory Council Meetings

The council meetings are subject to the Open Meeting Act and are posted on the Secretary of State Calendar at least one week prior to the meeting.

Advisory Council Minutes

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