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The Family Planning Program promotes the well being of families, responsible behavior, and healthy mothers and babies.  We aim to prevent unintended pregnancies and abortion through education and contraceptive services, allowing for the planning and timing of pregnancies.

One style doesn’t fit all.  Especially when it comes to birth control.  Let us help find a method that works for you!

There are 89 clinics throughout Alabama offering family planning services.  We provide a wide range of confidential and professional family planning services to both women and men ages 14 and up.  These services are provided regardless of income.  You may be eligible for free or reduced cost services.

Call 1-800-545-1098 or contact your local county health department.

Program Overview

When it comes to contraception, there's little room for error.  Learn more about the different types of contraception, their risks and benefits, and how to know which method is right for your patient.

Contraceptive Update 2009 Webinar

Preconception Health

Preconception health refers to the health of women throughout their reproductive years - the years when a woman can become pregnant.  Making sure that women of reproductive age are healthy is one of the best ways to ensure the success and well-being of future generations.  It is also an important part of ensuring the health of women throughout their lives.

Learn more about preconception health, why it is needed, and what steps you can take to improve the health of future pregnancies on the Preconception Health page.

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