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Meaningful Use (MU) for Electronic Health Records (EHR)

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) was enacted to accelerate the adoption of EHRs by offering monetary incentives to eligible providers and hospitals.  MU is defined by the use of certified EHR in a meaningful manner, is connected to improve quality of care; and submit the Secretary of Health & Human Services (HHS) information on quality of care and other measures. 

In August 2012, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published MU Stage 2 (MU2) rules. MU2 mandates all providers to implement EHR to support the MU policy priorities. MU attestation is a process that documents  an eligible provider has successfully demonstrated and successfully fulfilling the requirements for EHR. Providers eligible for the incentive program must attest to MU by 2014. Providers must attest to MU Stage 1 (MU1) for two years before moving onto MU2, and attest for two years before MU Stage 3 (MU3). 

ADPH will work with vendors and providers after obtaining EHR certification. It is important providers select an EHR company that meets HL7 messaging standards and the federally mandated vocabulary standards for Immunizations, electronic lab reporting, and syndromic surveillance.

In order for this process to be effective, the following steps need to occur:

  • Vendors obtain EHR certification using the Office of National Coordinator’s (ONC) process.
  • Vendors and providers must register on ADPH's Security Portal (SP).
  • For immunization reporting, providers and vendors must follow the ImmPRINT Roadmap.
  • New SP users will receive two emails during part one of the registration process: email validation request and notification that an application role has been assigned. ADPH will email each new user their user name and password.
  • Login into ADPH SP. New users are required to provide profile information and click the “Add Registration” button before having full access to the Website.
  • Vendors and providers will send test data and pilot production to be validated.
  • Once validated by ADPH in the test and pilot production test (PPT) environment, data may proceed to production environment.


The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) is ready to accept reports for:

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For more information from ADPH, send an email to MeaningfulUse@adph.state.al.us.

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