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Basic Environmentalist Training Course Materials and Advanced Course Information

Food Microbiology Manual

The modules above are for BETC participants. Advanced Course participants should go to FDA's ORA-U and complete the Microbiology Course, modules MIC01 through MIC16.

Plumbing and Cross Connection Control

  • Module 1 - Plumbing Systems; Cross Connections
  • Module 2 - Evaluating Cross Connections; Physical Backflow Prevention Methods
  • Module 3 - Mechanical Backflow Assemblies and Devices
  • Module 4 - Typical Retail Food Service Cross Connections; Air Gaps and Air Breaks for Drains and Waste; Grease Interceptors
  • Plumbing Quiz - For self-test purposes only; this is more detailed than BETC test questions on plumbing.
  • Answers to Plumbing Quiz

Cleaning and Sanitizing (For BETC participants) Advanced Course participants have a section within Microbiology as part of FDA's ORA-U.

HACCP Guidelines from FDA Food Code
BETC participants should read the introduction and know the names of Principles 1, 2, and 3 but are not expected to know details about the principles. Advanced Course participants should go to FDA's ORA-U and complete the HACCP Course, modules FDA16 through FDA18.


Basic Epidemiology Information for Foodborne Disease
Information BETC participants will be expected to know is included in the Basic Information above. For additional information in depth, the courses and case studies below are available.

Case study from CDC: Botulism in Argentina

Advanced Course participants should go to FDA's ORA-U and complete the Epidemiology Course, modules FI01 through FI06 in addition to both case studies above.

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