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We Can!

ADPH is one of 14 original sites selected to implement We Can! Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity and Nutrition, a National Institutes of Health program to address overweight and obesity among youth ages 8-13. We Can! encourages healthy eating, increased physical activity, and reduced sedentary time.

County-Level Activities

ADPH and the State Department of Education's Extended Day/Extended Year Division have partnered with the following programs in We Can!

  • Wall Street Community Learning Center
  • Sumter County School System
  • Bethel Community Learning Center
  • MiCasita Community Learning Center
  • W.S. Neal Middle School, Project SAFE
  • Clark Elementary Community Learning Center
  • Phenix City Board of Education
  • Tuscaloosa City 21st Century Learning Center

Each program received training and educational materials from ADPH staff on a We Can! curriculum that emphasizes improved nutrition choices and routine physical activity. Nutrition lessons taught the children to make healthy food selections and they were able to taste test snacks that were nutritious and delicious. A physical activity component emphasized fun, all-inclusive games where everyone could participate.

A special thanks to all the dedicated teachers for their hard work to implement this program. Alabama is one of only 14 original intensive sites nationwide that was selected for We Can! These teachers chose to become involved, taking a proactive stance to improve the health of their students. For more information, visit We Can!

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