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Immunization Division: 1-800-469-4599 (toll-free)
Vaccines for Children (VFC): 1-866-674-4807 (toll-free)
Fax: 1-800-706-8507

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Immunization Director:

Cindy Lesinger

Acting Registry Branch Director:
Outreach and Surveillance Branch Director

Mike Hudgens
Tracey England, MSN, RN

VFC Branch Director:

Denise Strickland

Vaccine Orders and Shipping:

Chevonne Tyner

Immunization Questions?

If you have a VFC or vaccine question, please call 1-866-674-4807.

To report a 4-hour vaccine-preventable disease (VPD), call 1-800-469-4599.  To report 24-hour VPD, call 1-800-469-4599 or complete REPORT Card.  To fax VPD investigation information, fax to 334-206-3734.

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