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Immunization Data

ADPH’s immunization registry, Immunization Patient Resource with Integrated Technology (ImmPRINT), is a statewide population-based information system for all individuals born in Alabama since January 1, 1993. Vaccine histories are also available for patients of all ages if they have received vaccinations at a county health department, insured by Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) or Medicaid, or see a private provider enrolled in ImmPRINT.

Meaningful Use (MU)

One focus of the MU Program is facilitating the direct communication between provider’s Electronic Health Records and immunization registries, i.e., ImmPRINT in Alabama. This meaningful use of data exchange will help providers vaccinate individuals appropriately by accessing a more comprehensive immunization record for patients.

MU Resources

All provider sites, data users, and vendors associated with each site must register with ImmPRINTSoftware vendors and providers interested in exchanging immunization data may register at the ADPH's Security Portal.



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