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On Demand:  Emergency Preparedness

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Statewide Trauma and Health Systems Training
Broadcast Date: June 27, 2016
Nurses 2 hours (expires 06/30/17), Doctors 2 hours, EMS 2 hours

HIPAA in Emergencies: Ethical Considerations During Disasters
Broadcast Date: July 16, 2015
Approved for: Nurses 1 hour (expires 07/31/16, Social Workers 1 hour (expires 07/31/17)

Ebola Response Guidelines for Alabama's First Responders
Broadcast Date: December 15, 2014

Nurses Matter: Ebola 101 and Personal Protective Equipment
Broadcast Date: November 5, 2014

Ebola: What We Know Today and How We Can Prepare
Broadcast Date: October 1, 2014
Approved for: 1 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM

EMS Grand Rounds: Children and Disasters
Broadcast Date: July 29, 2014

The Human Side of Disasters: The People Behind the Faces
Broadcast Date: June 18, 2014

Delivering Disaster Behavioral Health Care: Addressing the Functional Needs of Survivors in Shelters and Other Acute Response Settings
Broadcast Date: May 21, 2014

Changes Since H1N1: Perspectives from Immunization Managers in a National Survey
Broadcast Date: September 25, 2013

Emergency Preparedness Planning to Address ADA Requirements: Top 10 Lessons Learned
Broadcast Date: July 22, 2013

Safety in the Workplace
Broadcast Date: July 17, 2013

Strategic National Stockpile Just in Time Training
Broadcast Date: February 26, 2013

Community Management of Geriatric Patients During Disaster
Broadcast Date: May 30, 2012

Disaster Preparedness: Are We Ready for Kids?
Broadcast Date:  April 19, 2012

Nuclear Power Plant Safety and the Public Health Response
Broadcast Date:  April 13, 2012

Successful Strategies for Integration of Immunization and Emergency Preparedness Programs in Planning and Practice
Broadcast Date:  April 10, 2012

Emergency Preparedness and Home Safety Basics
Broadcast Date:  November 30, 2011

Clinical Care Guidelines for Caring for Patients with Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease in the Ambulatory Setting
Broadcast Date:  November 9, 2011

April's Tornado Fury:  The Social Impact on Personal Care and Health Access (Part 2 of 2)
Broadcast Date:  November 1, 2011

April's Tornado Fury:  Road to Recovery (Part 1 of 2)
Broadcast Date:  October 26, 2011

Taking Care of the Sickle Cell Patient in Emergencies:  From Diagnosis to Emergency Medical Transport to Emergency Hospital Service
Broadcast Date:  October 18, 2011

Supporting Children's Mental Health Needs in the Aftermath of a Disaster:  Pediatric Pearls
Broadcast Date:  August 25, 2011

Alabama Trauma System Update
Broadcast Date:  March 30, 2011

Legal Implications and Resources to Assist Community Healthcare Planning Efforts
Broadcast Date:  February 15, 2011

Community Management of High-Dose Radiological Events
Broadcast Date:  December 10, 2010

Eight Steps to Building and Sustaining Effective Coalitions
Broadcast Date:  July 27, 2010

Community Management of Low-Dose Radiological Events
Broadcast Date:  July 13, 2010

Anatomy of an Oil Spill:  Public Health Response
Broadcast Date:  June 29, 2010

Managing Change in Public Health:  Bringing Out the Leader in Each of Us
Broadcast Date:  March 9, 2010

The Management of Epidemic Disease
Broadcast Date:  February 18, 2010

A Multi-State, Multi-Organizational Solution to Limited Regional Pediatric Medical Surge Capacity in the Southeastern United States
Broadcast Date:  February 3, 2010

Collaborative Efforts for Emergency Planning Between the ADPH and Healthcare Organizations
Broadcast Date:  December 1, 2009

Alabama State Agency COOP (Continuity of Operations) Training
Broadcast Date:  October 30, 2009

H1N1:  Nurses Ready to Respond
Broadcast Date:  October 6, 2009

Employee Manual for Emergency Response
Broadcast Date:  September 30, 2009

Current and Upcoming H1N1 Challenges for Communities, Schools, and Agencies:  Experiences in Alabama
Broadcast Date:  September 22, 2009

H1N1 Briefing from Alabama Department of Public Health
Broadcast Date:  August 13, 2009

Responding to Victims with Burn Injuries in Disaster Events
Broadcast Date:  July 21, 2009

ADPH 2009 Hurricane Briefing
Broadcast Date: July 16, 2009

Demonstration of Center for Emergency Preparedness Assessments and Tools
Broadcast Date:  July 15, 2009

Fatality Management During a Pandemic
Broadcast Date:  July 9, 2009

Preparing for Swine Flu:  ADPH Nurses
Broadcast Date:  April 28, 2009

Alternative Standards of Care in Disasters
Broadcast Date:  March 26, 2009

Psychological First Aid:  Building Resiliency Between "Us" and "Them"
Broadcast Date:  January 22, 2009

Developing Cross-Border Collaboration for Effective Disaster and Emergency Planning and Response
Broadcast Date:  November 18, 2008

The Reasons For and Key Elements of Continuity of Operations Planning
Broadcast Date:  March 27, 2008

The Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) and Its Application for Public Health Emergency Response and Recovery Operations
Broadcast Date:  January 31, 2008

Two Years Later:  Continued Psychological Difficulties of First Responders and the Affected General Population
Broadcast Date:  November 30, 2007

Environmental Strike Teams
Broadcast Date:  November 15, 2007

Mosquito Abatement in Louisiana Post Katrina and Rita
Broadcast Date:  October 11, 2007

Consequences of a Foreign Animal Disease on the Rural Community
Broadcast Date:  September 12, 2007

The Pharmacist's Role in Disasters
Broadcast Date:  August 15, 2007

Mass Shelters:  Environmental Health Issues
Broadcast Date:  June 29, 2007

Pandemic Influenza:  Alabama Schools Need to Plan Now
Broadcast Date:  April 2, 2007

Bombs, Explosions, and Preparedness:  A New Role of Public Health and First Responders
Broadcast Date:  March 27, 2007

Psychology of Terrorism and Psychological Counterterrorism:  Seven Things You Should Know
Broadcast Date:  March 22, 2007

Pandemic Influenza:  Planning and Execution for Law Enforcement Response
Broadcast Date:  February 28, 2007

When the System is Overwhelmed:  Protecting the Provider During a Biodisaster
Broadcast Date:  February 27, 2007

Are You Ready?  Be Prepared for a Pandemic Influenza Outbreak
Broadcast Date:  December 6, 2006

Evaluating Organizational Effectiveness
Broadcast Date:  December 5, 2006

Vulnerable Populations and Emergency Management
Broadcast Date:  December 4, 2006

Lessons from the Storm - Crisis and Collaboration
Broadcast Date:  November 30, 2006

Planning and Execution of Disaster Response
Broadcast Date:  November 28, 2006

Inescapable Realities in Public Health - Conflict and Collaboration:  Building Competency
Broadcast Date:  October 20, 2006

Utilizing Government Resources in a Disaster
Broadcast Date:  September 28, 2006

Staffing for Emergency Response and Recovery
Broadcast Date:  August 29, 2006

Application of North Carolina's Geographic Information System for Agriculture Emergencies
Broadcast Date:  August 10, 2006

Guidelines and Standards for Weapons of Mass Destruction Response
Broadcast Date:  August 3, 2006

From Silos to Systems:  Transdisciplinary Approaches to Public Health Assurance in the Post-Katrina Era
Broadcast Date:  July 13, 2006

Needs of Our Children:  Pediatric Care Before, During, and After Disasters
Broadcast Date:  May 16, 2006

Preparing for the Hurricane Season:  Medical Needs Shelters
Broadcast Date:  May 9, 2006

Emergency Support Function 8:  Mississippi's Response to Katrina
Broadcast Date:  April 25, 2006

Lessons Learned:  Response to the Chlorine Release in Graniteville, South Carolina
Broadcast Date:  April 19, 2006

Public Health to the Rescue:  Emergency Response is Now a Core Function
Broadcast Date:  April 3, 2006

Radiological Terrorism:  Clinical and Public Health Aspects
Broadcast Date:  March 16, 2006

Hurricane Katrina and Policy Development:  Effects of the Storm
Broadcast Date:  March 14, 2006

Alabama Prepares:  Pandemic Readiness and Emergency Planning Summit
Broadcast Date: February 22, 2006

When Every Second Counts:  Lessons Learned From Hurricane Katrina
Broadcast Date:  February 14, 2006

Toxic Soup or Not?  Hurricane Katrina Through the Lens of Environmental Health Preparedness
Broadcast Date:  December 15, 2005

Addressing Disaster and Emergency Stress Beyond First Responders:  Implications for Individuals, Families and the Workplace
Broadcast Date:  December 5, 2005

Facing Fear:  Crisis Communication and Disaster Behavioral Health
Broadcast Date:  November 15, 2005

Response Worker Health and Safety in a Post-Katrina World:  Protecting the Protectors
Broadcast Date:  October 25, 2005

Assessing Systemic Impact of Disaster and Terrorism:  Method of Injury vs. Context
Broadcast Date:  October 20, 2005

Operation Rebound:  Helping Children Who Experience Psychological Trauma
Broadcast Date:  October 17, 2005

Biosecurity - Perception is Not Reality:  The Need for a New Paradigm
Broadcast Date:  September 8, 2005

Stress Management:  Special Considerations for Emergency Services, Rescue Recovery Personnel in Disaster, Mass Violence and Other Critical Incidents
Broadcast Date:  August 17, 2005

Supporting Children In Times of Crisis
Broadcast Date:  August 9, 2005

Agricultural Security - Avian Influenza: Implications for Agriculture and Public Health
Broadcast Date:  August 5, 2005

National Incident Management System
Broadcast Date:  June 23, 2005

ADPH Emergency Response 101:  The New Responsibility of Public Health
Broadcast Date:  June 1, 2005

Historical Roots of Bioterrorism and Implications for the Future
Broadcast Date:  April 27, 2005

Behavioral Obesity Treatment:  Today's State of the Art
Broadcast Date:  February 22, 2005

Ten Essential Services of Public Health:  Moving From Abstract Ideas to Program Practice
Broadcast Date:  February 18, 2005

Tools for Computer-Assisted Planning
Broadcast Date:  November 16, 2004

Lifesaver 2004:  Planning and Implementation of a Field Exercise
Broadcast Date: September 30, 2004

Chemical Agents of Opportunity for Terrorism
Broadcast Date:  August 12, 2004

Emerging Infectious Diseases and Bioterrorism Risk
Broadcast Date:  July 20, 2004

Agroterrorism and Public Health:  Reestablishing an Old Relationship
Broadcast Date:  June 24, 2004

What to Expect From Your Local Hospital's Response to Emergency Events
Broadcast Date:  April 22, 2004

Chemical Risk Assessment in an Uncertain World
Broadcast Date:  March 30, 2004

Lessons From the Front Lines of Risk and Crisis Communications:  SARS and Influenza
Broadcast Date:  January 28, 2004

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