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Listed below is a chronological list of all programs in this category.
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Patient First and Plan First Coding Updates
Broadcast Date:  January 12, 2016

SSR's, Cost & Cost Accounting: Protecting the Integrity of ADPH Case Management
Broadcast Date:  February 4, 2015

Pharmacy Reverse Distribution Procedures for ADPH County Staff
Broadcast Date: January 6, 2015

A New Streamlined Application: What it Means for The Plan First Application Process
Broadcast Date: January 9, 2014

Infection Control Update for Home Health Aides and Home Attendants
Broadcast Date: September 12, 2012

2011 Infection Control Update for Home Health Aides and Attendants
Broadcast Date:  September 27, 2011

Understanding and Helping a Suicidal Person
Broadcast Date:  April 18, 2011

OASIS C:  Putting It All Together
Broadcast Date:  November 17, 2009

H1N1:  Nurses Ready to Respond
Broadcast Date:  October 6, 2009

Bureau of Home and Community Services Annual Required In-Service
Production Date:  September 2009

Infection Control for Home Health Aides and Attendants
Production Date:  September 16, 2009

Working With Hearing Loss in an Aging Population
Broadcast Date:  April 3, 2009 

Violence in the Workplace:  Policy and Prevention
Broadcast Date:  September 28, 2007

Working Towards Independence:  Employment of Persons with Disabilities
Broadcast Date: September 20, 2007

ADPH Drug Ordering Procedures:  Update from AmerisourceBergen
Broadcast Date:  July 16, 2007

STIs/HIV and Alabama Law
Broadcast Date:  May 9, 2007

Packaging and Shipping of UN 3373, Biological Substances
Broadcast Date:  December 7, 2006

The Home Delivered Meals Service:  Assessing, Authorizing, Monitoring
Broadcast Date:  September 7, 2006

Bureau of Home and Community Services Annual Required In-Service
Broadcast Date:  October 2006

Plan First Update:  Proof of Citizenship
Broadcast Date:  August 31, 2006

Alabama Prepares:  Pandemic Readiness and Emergency Planning Summit
Broadcast Date:  February 22, 2006

ABCs of Medicare Part D
Broadcast Date:  September 30, 2005

New Laboratory Testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea
Broadcast Date:  September 13, 2005

Alabama Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program:  New Web-Based Enrollment System
Broadcast Date:  July 18, 2005

ADPH Emergency Response 101:  The New Responsibility of Public Health
Broadcast Date:  June 1, 2005

The Application of HIPAA to ADPH Employees and Our Patients
Broadcast Date:  April 6, 2005

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