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Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, and Human Health

Broadcast Date: January 24, 2007
(1 hour, 30 minutes)

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Gary Foley, PhD (6 pages)
Conrad Lautenbacher, Jr., PhD
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Joe Roman, PhD (8 pages)

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Program Overview

In order to provide care to the public, the public health workforce must be fit and ready to perform. Their health practices are critical not only as a model to the larger public but as a means of assuring their own fitness for duty. Unfortunately, the public health workforce is not immune to our national health problems. Obesity, diabetes, smoking, medication compliance, sleep deprivation—all represent threats to the performance capabilities of the workforce. The answer to all of these threats comes down to the actions that individuals take on a daily basis. Fitness from a physical, psychological, social and spiritual perspective is dependent on the actions of individuals.

While the role of information and motivation to change has become well recognized, it is not sufficient for sustaining lasting change. Individuals must have a core set of behavior change skills in order to succeed. Unfortunately, many health and wellness programs fail to explicitly teach this core set of skills. Program faculty will describe a model for understanding the components of successful health behavior change and a system for providing individuals with a core set of evidence-based behavior change skills. This particular approach gives individuals the skill base to make changes in a variety of behaviors including diet, exercise, medication adherence, screenings and immunizations. Dr. Klapow will also discuss diet, exercise, challenges related to getting groups of people motivated to make healthy changes and long-term success stories.


Joshua Klapow, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Health Care Organization and Policy
South Central Center for Public Health Preparedness
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Target Audience

Public health workforce, healthcare providers, individuals working with populations in need of lifestyle change, first responders, physicians, nurses, health educators, and mental health professionals.

Contact Hours

None for this program.

Contact for Technical Assistance

334-206-5618 or email ALPHTN

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