World Federation of Public Health Associations

Public Health and the Rule of Law
On Demand Program
Production Date: November 2009
(40 minutes)

American Public Health Association

This program is brought to you by the World Federation of Public Health Associations through funding from the Opportunity Fund of the World Justice Project and the American Public Health Association's Office on Science.


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Program Overview
The global public health community needs to fully understand legal avenues that can help reduce barriers to complex health problems. The rule of law can have a significant impact on improving the health of world populations as governments work to protect their citizenry.

In its most basic definition, rule of law promotes transparency in government and protects citizens from the abusive power of government. This webcast seeks to introduce the rule of law to public health leaders who will promote and support its utilization as they address matters related to public health and public health systems in their respective communities and countries.

  • Dr. Allen Herman opens the webcast describing the importance of rule of law to public health.
  • Attorney Michele Forzley presents a definition of the rule of law and its concepts. She also describes its potential uses in public health.
  • Attorney Winifred Carson-Smith presents one case study that examines the use of the rule of law and its impact on improved public health systems and improved public health outcomes.

Learning Objectives
  • To increase public health professional's awareness of laws and legal authorities.
  • To promote public health professional's competence in using laws effectively and wisely.

Target Audience
Public health professionals including educators, researchers, practitioners, policy makers and students interested in the rule of law as it applies to public health.

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